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1. Enquire

It's always best to speak to me first before enrolling if you haven't done so already. You can make enquiries to

2. Lesson Plan

Once you've enquired, choose your lesson plan. Please be aware that not all schools offer the same lesson plans.

3. Enrol

Subscribe to GoCardless and fill in the form below. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions too.

Lesson Plans

Choose a plan

£19.00 / lesson

(£209 / term)

£13.00 / lesson

(£143 / term)

£8.75 / lesson

(£96.25 / term)

30 Minutes (Individual):

20 Minutes (Individual):


20 Minutes (Group): 

Available at: Cedars, Manshead, Linslade Middle, Leighton Middle & Eaton Bray Academy

Available at: Cedars, Manshead, Linslade Middle, Leighton Middle, Parkfields, Greenleas (DR & KW) & Eaton Bray Academy

Available at: Linslade Middle, Leighton Middle & Greenleas (DR & KW)

Check your desired lesson plan is available at your child's school first before enrolling.

Where possible I suggest shorter lessons are best suited for beginners and longer for those with more experience or who have been with me for at least a couple of terms. It is not an obligation, just a personal suggestion.

11x lessons are offered per term (although extra lessons can be paid for separately). Each term is charged in full in advance of the upcoming term.


In order to proceed with enrolment you will need to set up a direct debit with GoCardless. You can do this with the following link:

Once submitted, you will be placed on your desired lesson plan and will be notified in due course from GoCardless to your email address.

Payments will be taken in advance of each term on the following dates:

1st July

1st November

1st March

Autumn Term:

Spring Term:

Summer Term:

One-off payments using the same GoCardless link may be collected for those subscribing after the date of payments too.

You can cancel lessons very easily by simply cancelling your direct debit via GoCardless, your bank or by getting in touch with me. 

You can find more info in the terms & conditions or by reading the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Right click 'save as...'



Finally, please complete the enrolment form below.

How To Enrol

Please note not all lesson plans are offered at each school. Feel free to ask me for other possible options.


What happens now?

If you've followed the steps correctly, you're done!

You'll be contacted via the email address you provided with confirmation of your place and a direct debit will be created shortly through GoCardless.

I will personally contact you regarding details about guitar lessons themselves.

What if I subscribe to pay after the date of payment?

There is no need to worry. Please continue to subscribe to GoCardless. A one-off payment for the remaining amount of lessons for your child's first term of lessons will be collected through online banking.

What if I only want to pay for one term?

If you explicitly only want a certain amount of guitar lessons, please make it known in advance to paying and there will be a possibility we can come to a separate arrangement.

What if I want to cancel lessons?

Before deciding to cease guitar lessons, please do talk to me. Learning any instrument, as fun as it is, does also challenge players and with the emotional highs also come the lows. Music is for life and inevitably there will be times where students might want to stop. However, students will be thankful in the long run when they carry on.  Please impress this on your child – music is a gift and an investment of time and money. If your child has issues with the pieces they are learning or the activities being asked of them then please make it be known. Everyone is unique and I always endeavour to tailor lessons to suit all students.

If you do decide to cancel then you can cancel your direct debits at any given time on the GoCardless website or through your bank . Alternatively, you can give written notice and I will cancel them on your behalf.

Some new students are given a grace period to decide whether to continue lessons. This date will be stated on your invoice. You will receive a refund in full for any direct debit payments made.

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