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In order to complete payment you must pay for all 3 terms for your desired Lesson Plan.

You will not be able to start lessons without completing all 3.

Click the paylinks ('Autumn', 'Spring', 'Summer') and fill in your bank details to set up a direct debit for each term.

You will receive a notification via email once confirmed by GoCardless.

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30-Minute Individual

Follow the 3 links below and fill in your details once each as appropriate.




per lesson



20-Minute Individual

Follow the 3 links below and fill in your details as appropriate




per lesson


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20-Minute Group

Follow the 3 links below and fill in your details as appropriate


per lesson



Why am I paying so much now?

It is standard policy for peripatetic music teachers to charge for a full term before lessons start. Each term consists of 11x lessons each. This is reflected in the termly direct debit.

Why do I need to pay three times?

By subscribing to each term, you are committing to bank payments on 3 specific dates each year. These dates coincide with the cancellation dates.

If you decide to stop lessons, you will not pay for the forthcoming term(s).

What if I subscribe to pay after the date of payment?

There is no need to worry. Please continue to subscribe for each term. You will then be sent a one-off invoice for the remaining amount of lessons for your child's first term of lessons.

What if I only want to pay for one term?

If you explicitly only want a certain amount of guitar lessons, please make it known in advance to paying and there will be a possibility we can come to a separate arrangement.

Please understand however that by enrolling for all 3 terms now, you are not paying for the whole year upfront but at three points throughout the year. By enrolling you are actually making things more convenient for yourself as you will be notified in advance of the automated payment.

What happens now?

If you've followed the steps correctly, you're done!

You'll be contacted via the email address you provided with confirmation of your place and your one-off invoice with more information about lessons themselves as and when appropriate from myself personally.

What if I want to cancel lessons?

You can cancel your direct debits at any given time on the GoCardless website. Alternatively, you can give written notice and I will cancel them on your behalf.

Some new students are given a grace period to decide whether to continue lessons. This date will be stated on your invoice. You will receive a refund in full for any direct debit payments made.