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Guitar Lessons for Everybody

  • All Ages

  • All Abilities

  • All Styles

It doesn't matter who you are...

From nervous first-timers to seasoned performers, there is room for all.

Every student has different needs whether that means focusing on technique or jamming to your favourite songs - lessons are designed to be rewarding, challenging and fun.

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Why should I take guitar lessons?

If you've never seriously learnt an instrument before, you're missing out! Apart from all the great health benefits studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can provide, for me it's all about having fun and learning something along the way. One of the most rewarding things for me as a teacher is to look back with my students at the end of term and flick through all of the music we played - reflecting on the challenges that we faced and of course how we overcame them. To see my students take in how far they've come... I think that's a pretty special moment for everybody.

Of course, there are many instruments you can choose from but for me the guitar has always been the most appealing. Guitars are affordable, easily accessible and not before long you'll be able to play along to real songs, with friends, and even join a band!

Can't I just teach myself?

Don't be fooled by the latest 'Become a rockstar in a day' app! Sure, there are many excellent tuition books and online resources available (many of which I recommend!) but far too often I have had students come to me having taught themselves something incorrectly, maybe without realising, and unfortunately falling short of the mark. I admire every student that goes the extra mile but every good guitar teacher will be able to pinpoint your true strengths and weaknesses immediately and steer you in the correct direction. 



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